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Have an iPad, Kindle or some other tablet or reader?

Just follow the way to a Custom TightJacket below.

Sometimes a big protective bag just isn't enough. The TightJacket is a bright and fun way to protect your laptop from the other gear in your bag.

Just 2 Easy Steps
to Your Custom TightJacket:

1. Choose Size     2. Choose Fabric

Priced according to size and fabric. Choose your size and fabric, and the price will be calculated (average price is $25).

What it is

from scratches and dirt
made from designer fabrics
Slim Fitting
no significant bulk
Full enclosure
nothing will fall out
Tight enclosure
prevents lid from opening
No moving parts
no zippers, velcro, snaps
Limited edition fabrics
be different!
doesn't scream "Laptop!"
for a non-slip grip

What it Isn't

Your Only Case
TightJacket is more like underwear
Don't take it into the pool
Don't drop your laptop.
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